Corvette Racing at Road America: Corvette Racing Fast Facts

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Ahead of Round 6 of the American Le Mans Series

What: Orion Energy Systems 245, Round 6 of the 2013 American Le Mans Series. The race airs live at 3 p.m. ET on ABC

No. 3 Compuware Corvette C6.R – Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen

Starting second in GT. Antonio Garcia posted a lap of 204.212 (117.322 mph) Saturday in qualifying.

History at Road America

  • Antonio Garcia – One ALMS start. Best finish: 6th (2012)
  • Jan Magnussen – Eight ALMS starts. Best finish: 1st (2003, 2008). One fastest race lap (2007).

No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R – Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner

Starting third in GT. Oliver Gavin posted a lap of 2:04.277 (117.261 mph) Saturday in qualifying.

History at Road America

  • Oliver Gavin – Eleven ALMS starts. Best finish: 1st (2004-05, 2007). Four fastest race laps (2003, 2006, 2008, 2011)
  • Tommy Milner – Six ALMS starts. Best finish: 2nd (2007, 2009)

Corvette Racing at Road America

Number of races: 11

Victories: Six (2002, 2004-08)

Road America: 2002

Team 1-2 finishes: Five (2002, 2004-07)

  • First race: 2002 (1st in GTS)

They Said It

“Someone said to me a few years ago, ‘It’s all 90-degree bends. Where’s the challenge in it?’ And when you look at it, there are a few but they are all really different. Whether it’s in the length of them, the way they come off certain gradients, whether they are slightly banked, whether they are the crest of a hill, they are all very different in the way they are laid out and have their own unique challenges. It’s far more than just a circuit with a number of 90-degree bends. I really like the place. It’s fantastic.” – Oliver Gavin

“What is an impressive comparison is in the very small differences between the current GT car and the old GT1 car. We are getting closer in almost every aspect except horsepower. They are extremely close on downforce and performance levels. Everything has improved with development. There has been a lot of time gained just based on Michelin’s development. But it’s also in other areas. Every year we’ve gone a little bit faster.” – Jan Magnussen

p style=”margin-bottom: 0px;”>Orion Energy Systems 245 (all times CT)

  • Warmup: 8:30 a.m., Sunday, Aug. 11
  • Race: 2 p.m., Sunday Aug. 11

Road America: Watch It!
Saturday, Aug. 10-Sunday, Aug. 11 (all times ET)

  • Race (TV): Live – 3 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 11 (ABC)


“It was a good qualifying run. Yesterday I didn’t put together a full lap. But that’s what practice is for – to get used to new rubber and to see where you can and can’t push. It was a pretty good lap. I had a couple of very equal laps, and on the previous one I made a little mistake. Maybe we could have improved a little bit but not enough to fight for pole position. For sure it will help to not have to go through the field at the start (like at the previous round at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). We have a good car. If strategy goes the way it should, we will have a great car for the race.”


“Coming off our victory in Canada, starting from the second row is very good. We have to hunt and search a lot to gain on the pole time. But the rest of the class is very close. You could throw a blanket over all of us. As it always is here, it will be a dogfight for those first couple of hours but then the last half an hour is the critical point. You have to make sure you have yourself in the right position and on the right tire otherwise you will really struggle. I’m confident that we have the right car and the right team.”


“Today’s qualifying results were very encouraging. Hats off to Antonio and the crew of the No. 3 Corvette for picking up nearly a full second from the end of Friday’s practice session. Oliver’s time in the No. 4 car gives us an ideal spot to challenge and push early for the race lead. As we all know, Road America is full of challenges and one of the toughest circuits we will race. But good strategy combined with our solid teamwork will keep both our Corvettes in contention for a class victory.”

ALMS GT Championship Standings

Driver Standings Team Standings Manufacturer Standings
1. Dirk Muller – 70

2. Oliver Gavin/Tommy Milner – 65

3. Antonio Garcia/Jan Magnussen – 56

4. Dominik Farnbacher/Marc Goossens – 53

5. Bill Auberlen/Maxime Martin – 50

1. Corvette Racing – 92

1. BMW Team RLL – 80

2. SRT Motorsports – 61

3. Paul Miller Racing – 32

4. Risi Competizione – 29

1. Chevrolet – 95

2. BMW – 85

3. SRT – 66

4. Ferrari – 61

5. Porsche – 58

Corvette Racing at Road America

Year Class Drivers Result Car Notes
2002 GTS Fellows/O’Connell/Gavin 2nd Corvette C5-R Fellows pole; Gavin fastest race lap
Collins/Pilgrim 1st Corvette C5-R
2003 GTS Fellows/O’Connell 2nd Corvette C5-R
Collins/Gavin 5th Corvette C5-R Gavin pole, fastest race lap
2004 GTS Fellows/O’Connell 2nd Corvette C5-R
Beretta/Gavin 1st Corvette C5-R Beretta pole, fastest race lap
2005 GT1 Fellows/O’Connell 2nd Corvette C6.R
Beretta/Gavin 1st Corvette C6.R Gavin pole, Beretta fastest race lap
2006 GT1 Fellows/O’Connell 1st Corvette C6.R
Beretta/Gavin 2nd Corvette C6.R Gavin fastest race lap
2007 GT1 Magnussen/O’Connell 2nd Corvette C6.R Magnussen pole, fastest race lap
Beretta/Gavin 1st Corvette C6.R
2008 GT1 Magnussen/O’Connell 1st Corvette C6.R
Beretta/Gavin 3rd Corvette C6.R Gavin pole, fastest race lap
2009 GT2 Magnussen/O’Connell 3rd Corvette C6.R
Beretta/Gavin 6th Corvette C6.R
2010 GT Magnussen/O’Connell 4th Corvette C6.R
Beretta/Gavin 3rd Corvette C6.R Gavin pole, fastest race lap
2011 GT Beretta/Milner 14th Corvette C6.R
Gavin/Magnussen 5th Corvette C6.R
2012 GT Garcia/Magnussen 6th Corvette C6.R Magnussen fastest race lap
Gavin/Milner 4th Corvette C6.R

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