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ANTONIO GARCIA, CORVETTE RACING NO. 3 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.R: “The Porsches seem to be really strong. What they showed in qualifying they are still showing in race pace. Now we’re going into a different period of the race where the track will be completely different. So far the car is behaving how we expected. It feels like the car is slowly coming to us. We need to stay where we are and keep pushing but not do anything crazy out there. If we can find just a little bit more from the car, it will be great.”

TOMMY MILNER, CORVETTE RACING NO. 4 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.R: “We have a car that is good initially but we seem to be working the rear tires really hard. You can kind of see a split. The two Porsches, the 3 car and the Ferrari have their long runs figured out. Our car and the BMWs seem to struggle on the longer runs. I got a good restart, and the second set of tires made a big difference in drivability. That’s a good omen for later in the race. Maybe this is a good thing for us because we can focus on being consistent and not getting too racey. Hopefully the track will come to us. If that happens, we’ll be fast when it matters. Right now it doesn’t matter much if we’re fast. I feel good. We’re kind of taking it easy right now, staying out of trouble and taking it easy with traffic. With these yellows, there’s not really much to be gained right now.”

DANE CAMERON, ACTION EXPRESS RACING NO. 31 WHELEN/TEAM FOX CORVETTE DP: “It was a pretty good start to the race. There was no drama really for us, which is good. The car is pretty quick and pretty consistent over long stints in the heat. That is something to be thankful for. It is going to be a tough, long hot day for sure. But I think we are definitely one of the best DP cars right now. We’ll see how the race progresses with our friends in the P2 cars, but we have a good shot at having a really strong day. I’m excited to see where we end up in our Chevy.”

JOAO BARBOSA, ACTION EXPRESS RACING NO. 5 MUSTANG SAMPLING CORVETTE DP: “The crew is awesome. Everything is going according to plan. We just need to do a clean race and stay as close to the front as possible. Obviously the P2 cars are very fast. But I think we have a great race pace. It is still very, very early, but we are right where we want to be with our Corvette. All the crew is doing an excellent job so we are really pleased with how things are going right now!”

RICHARD WESTBROOK, VISITFLORIDA.COM RACING NO. 90 CORVETTE DP: “It was a good start to the race for us I think. It is really important to stay out of trouble. We improved our car again and are a little bit closer to the front. We are still lacking a bit – a couple of tenths. It is a long race yet to the finish and you have to be there at the end. So let’s see if we can get there to fight at the end.”

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS, ACTION EXPRESS RACING NO. 5 MUSTANG SAMPLING CORVETTE DP: “It was a good stint. Joao gave me the car in the lead. We just did the job, and it worked out pretty good. The car is competitive in the heat, which is a good surprise. The P2 cars have once again kind of shot themselves in the foot. There is only really the No. 1 and No. 2 left pretty much. So it is a long way to the end, but we will keep on doing the job until money time. I believe by the time we get there we will still be in the hunt.”

RICKY TAYLOR, WAYNE TAYLOR RACING NO. 10 KONICA MINOLTA CORVETTE DP: “It was pretty frustrating out there because the team was watching our brake temperatures really closely and they were constantly telling me when and where I could race hard and when and where I had to ease into the corners. We have plenty of power to race but there were times I just had to let people by because of the brake issue. The incident just before the driver change was a case of all of us bunching up in Turn 17. I had to slide to the right to avoid a bunch of cars in front of me. An LMPC came up behind me and had to do the same thing to avoid me. Then came a GTD Porsche that just plowed into the LMPC and turned him right into me. It was a big hit but I guess it hit me in just the right spot – right in the middle of the car. So the only damage was really cosmetic and the wind tunnel along the right side of the car. We’ve got a long way to go. We’ve just got to keep the car together and hope we’re there to go racing at the end.”

SIMON PAGENAUD, CORVETTE RACING, NO. 4 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.R: “I kept my position and actually gained one at the end of my stint. We’ve worked a lot on the balance. It still has a lot of oversteer. I dealt with it and am pretty happy with my driving by keeping up with the other guys. That’s my role here. There is no risk to take… just bring the car back in good shape for my teammates to do the rest. The car still has a lot of oversteer. Not knowing the car that well, when it oversteers it’s difficult to have confidence especially in the high-speed corners. But it is what it is. I dealt with it and think I did a pretty good job with it.”

RYAN BRISCOE, CORVETTE RACING NO. 3 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C7.R: “The car felt fast. The track was really greasy toward the end of the stint, and we were sliding around quite a bit. It’s a really tight battle with all the GTLM cars. I had a little spin that cost us a bit of track position. But the car is fast, and we have Jan out there. I’m looking forward to getting back out there later. Right now it is starting to develop some understeer on new tires. It goes a bit more toward loose at the end. The key is looking after the tires to the end.”

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