In His Own Words: Olivier Beretta

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What This Champion Driver Thought of the Previous and Upcoming SeasonsOlivier Beretta

Braselton, Ga. – Olivier Beretta will enter the 2007 season as the most successful driver in America Le Mans Series history with 28 class wins. With driving mate Oliver Gavin, Beretta drove the No. 4 Corvette to victory in 2006 giving Corvette Racing its sixth American Le Mans Series GT1 Championship. With a challenging 2006 season and new venues in 2007, we wanted to chat with Beretta to find out what this champion driver thought of the previous and upcoming seasons.

Question: What are your thoughts on the 2006 championship with Corvette Racing, considering it’s your fourth driver’s championship?

Answer: Great. I am looking for number five in ‘07 with my teammate Ollie G. and the team from Corvette Racing. This (year) has been the hardest one so it has been the most exciting.

Q: Can you compare the Corvette Racing program to your days with the Viper program?

A: It’s difficult to compare the two teams because of the difference in years. You also have to consider the evolution of the rules and the development of the car. They are two first-class teams with tremendous experience in winning races.

Q: What are some thoughts going into 2007?

A: Every year in this game is a new white page to write and I will try to do the best to achieve the team’s target.

Q: Do you still test with Formula One? If so, with what teams?

A: No. I started in 1999 and ended in September of 2006. It has been a tremendous experience (working) with all the people involved in the F1 program, especially the last two years with the competition being at the top. I have been lucky and am very proud that Michelin gave me the trust on the F1 development (program) for seven years. My relationship with that particular program has ended, but I will still keep a very close relationship with Michelin. I have worked with Michelin for more than 11 years and it is the best tire company.

Release Date: December 15, 2006