IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Corvette Racing At 20 Years, Part Two

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Corvette Racing At 20 Years, Part Two

Ahead of team’s 19th appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans


DETROIT (June 15, 2018) – There has been plenty said about the impact of Corvette Racing’s 20th season of competition. Prominent figures inside Chevrolet and the program marveled about the team’s longevity, consistency and commitment to global GT endurance racing.


Those words of praise continue as Corvette Racing readies for its 19th consecutive appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans… ahead of what the program hopes is a ninth class victory.


JIM CAMPBELL, CHEVROLET U.S. VICE PRESIDENT, PERFORMANCE VEHICLES AND MOTORSPORTS: “The passion, determination and persistence of the Corvette Racing team has been consistent for 20 years. The team simply has a ‘never give up’ approach to every race. Racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans has been so special from the first race and later winning the class eight times. The technical learnings from the race team are transferred to benefit every new Corvette for the showroom and road. And, the connection between the race team and Corvette owners and supporters from around the world has been incredible.”


TERRY DOLAN, CHEVROLET DIRECTOR, MOTORSPORTS MARKETING AND ACTIVATION: “Corvette Racing gives Chevrolet a way to connect with our fans that no other manufacturer can match. During the last 20 years, we have developed an exceptionally loyal fan base and following that also serves as a group of highly influential ambassadors for our brand. It speaks to the power of the Corvette Racing program.”


DOM LESTER, GENERAL MOTORS DIRECTOR, GLOBAL PROPULSION SYSTEMS PERFORMANCE AND RACING: “Corvette Racing is integrated into the entire General Motors team, especially at our Performance and Racing Center where we develop, assemble and test every Corvette Racing engine. Twenty seasons of intellectual horsepower not only helps us win races but transfers directly in to our customer’s propulsion systems. Winning races is about designing engines for maximum fuel efficiency, performance and durability as well as lowest possible mass. Our customer engines are no different as they benefit from the same design criteria that are implemented by some of same engineers in the same location.”


KAI DECKER, GLOBAL MOTORSPORTS MANAGER, ExxonMobil: “For two decades and more than 100 wins, Corvette Racing has been redefining success not only at highest level of endurance racing, but within the auto industry as a whole. ExxonMobil and the Mobil 1 brand have been proud partners, friends and teammates of Corvette Racing since Day One. What has been most impressive is the technology transfer that has occurred by developing the race car and production car alongside one another. What our two companies have learned both on and off the track has led to numerous technological and performance advancements, checkered flags and championships. Corvette Racing is not only one of the great success stories in motorsports, but in automotive engineering and manufacturing.”

CHRIS BAKER, DIRECTOR OF MOTORSPORT, MICHELIN NORTH AMERICA: “Michelin has raced both with and, in their early years, against Corvette Racing. The decision by Corvette Racing to become a Michelin technical partner team prior to the 2004 season stands as one of the biggest off-track wins in our motorsport history. We are delighted to be part of the celebration of its 20th of competition and 15th season with Michelin.

“The ability to work in close collaboration with the outstanding crews, drivers, engineers and managers of Corvette Racing has produced great success on the track, as evidenced by the numerous victories and championships for Corvette Racing both at Le Mans and in IMSA competition, and in the Michelin development of highly innovative tires for the latest and upcoming Corvette production models.”


SCOTT ATHERTON, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SPORTS ASSOCATION: “There is no question the Corvette Racing Program has been instrumental in the growth and popularity of sports car racing in North America over the years. The thundering yellow Corvettes have become the iconic symbol American sports car racing – and rightfully so. Corvette’s dedication to transferring its technology from the track to the production car has helped cultivate its place as one of the top automotive brands in the world along with an unmatched performance/value equation. The number of passionate Corvette fans at every IMSA race never ceases to amaze me. We are proud and honored by their involvement in IMSA and look forward to that continuing for many years to come.”


PIERRE FILLON, PRESIDENT, AUTOMOBILE CLUB DE L’OUEST: “The history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is rich in legendary cars and brands, including Corvette Racing and its C5-R, C6.R and C7.R.”