Motus Motorcycles Partners with Pratt & Miller Engineering to Develop Revolutionary Sport Touring Motorcycle

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Motus MST Series Motorcycles Will Incorporate Many of Pratt & Miller’s Race-Proven Technologies

Motus Motorcycles’ decision to partner with Pratt & Miller Engineering to develop and manufacture a new line of motorcycles further confirms their commitment to delivering highly engineered and reliable machines.

Pratt & Miller Engineering’s 20-year history of success in motorsports was a determining factor in this partnership with Motus Motorcycles. Pratt & Miller Engineering has won numerous championships in the American Le Mans Series and the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, and has scored six victories in the GT1 category at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Pratt and Miller Engineering has also played a prominent role in automotive, commercial, aerospace, and defense projects such as unmanned vehicles and the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

“With their vast experience developing high-performance, lightweight vehicles, we quickly identified Pratt & Miller as the perfect partner to engineer our lightweight, high-performance motorcycle,” said Brian Case, VP and Design Director of Motus Motorcycles.

Motus MST series motorcycles will incorporate many of Pratt & Miller’s race-proven technologies such as a balanced and optimized 4130 chrome moly space frame and lightweight carbon composite bodywork. A combination of computer-aided engineering tools such as CAD, finite element analysis, and multi-body simulation will be implemented throughout the design process. All prototypes will be developed in-house using the latest rapid prototyping techniques and many proprietary processes that Pratt & Miller has developed.

“Integrating these advanced engineering tools with our advanced manufacturing capabilities will help set Motus apart in terms of performance, safety and durability,” said Pratt & Miller spokesman Brandon Widmer.

“When Motus first approached us about the MST project, we knew it easily fit within our capabilities, but once we learned more about their concept and their engine partner, we knew we absolutely wanted to be involved,” said Pratt & Miller Engineering co-founder Gary Pratt.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Pratt & Miller,” Motus president Lee Conn said. “They have a total commitment to excellence, a world-class staff and proprietary technology that allow small companies like Motus to compete on a global basis. Because their engineering and fabrication teams are all under one roof, they can build complex vehicle packages with very few iterations.”

About Motus
Motus is strategically located in Birmingham, Ala., in the heart of the growing southern automotive corridor with Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai, and Volkswagen nearby. Birmingham is also home of the Barber Motorsports Park which houses a world-class road course and the world’s largest motorcycle museum. Founded in 2008, Motus is a privately held company preparing to enter the market with the first V4-powered American sport touring motorcycle. The MST series motorcycles and accessories will be sold internationally through a network of existing independent dealers and distributors.

The Motus MST-01 is a clean sheet, next-generation sport touring motorcycle being engineered for performance, comfort, and range. For the discerning enthusiast, the Motus MST concept is a fresh take on the popular sport touring experience, with optimum rider and passenger comfort for extended, spirited journeys, and quality components for responsive handling. The Motus MST series, including the MST-01 and the premium MST-R, are powered by proprietary, liquid-cooled V4 engines that feature proven durability and range-extending technologies.

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About Pratt & Miller
Pratt & Miller Engineering is a world-class engineering company and a respected industry leader in the automotive, commercial, aerospace and defense industries. Providing clients with leading-edge engineering and low-volume manufacturing solutions, Pratt & Miller’s range of design, engineering, manufacturing, and vehicle program management capabilities are among the most sophisticated in the world.

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Release Date: September 17, 2009